Gmake is the work of Los Angeles-based creative director, Greg Duncan. Since 2007, Gmake has focused on large-scale media projects—museum and corporate installations, corporate film series and comprehensive online strategy and design.

Prior to Gmake, Greg was a founding partner and creative director of the design firm Verb! in New York. Under his stewardship, Verb! emerged as one of the premier design firms for both on-air branding and large-scale, multi-screen media design. He currently works in many different mediums, including film, television, web, proprietary interactive, and multi-screen environmental design. He has worked with some of the most high-profile companies in the world and has a penchant for simplifying complex problems through intelligent design.


There’s plenty of boilerplate (and diagrams!) out there about design firm process; we agree with pretty much all of it, so we won’t bore you with our own. Instead, we deconstructed a typical project so you know what you’re in for if you work with Gmake. Here it is:

Listen. Ask hard questions. Research like mad. Sketch like crazy. Mock-up. Push back. Rethink. Expand. Contract. Write. Expand again. Design. Model. Shoot. Rewrite. Animate. Render. Edit. Finish. Overdeliver. Martini.   


Gmake works with designers, illustrators, photographers, DPs, 2D and 3D artists, and web specialists. If you’re interested in working with Gmake, please send a link to your portfolio to the address below.