National Museum of American Jewish History

"Foundations of Freedom" Film

Project overview:

We were given a short script, a placeholder soundtrack, hundreds of historical images and  a little over a month to create one of the primary film experience exhibits for the new museum. The three-minute film sets the tone for the emotional journey the museum goer is about to experience, taking users through American Jewish history from colonial day to the present in breathtaking scale. The film is projected on a 40 foot wide screen using 5 overlapping HD projectors. For the tech geeks, the film was built entirely in 3D, and required approximately 360 hours to render on 8 and 12 core workstations. 

The film was created with David Grubin Productions and WooArt, who were also responsible for much of the media throughout the museum.


Three-minute, 5840x1080 film.


Woo Creative
David Grubin Productions
National Museum of American Jewish History



Molly McBride, Producer
John Kusiak, Composer
Blair Brown, voice over